In his early teens, Anthony Landro had the idea of modeling the trains he knew best - - - The New York Transit System. He was fascinated by the Elevated Structures with all of the detail involved and the Subways with their very own elements as well.  As Mr. Landro got older, his carpentry skills and his modeling skills were getting better and better.
     He was achieving the creative qualities of designing the Elevated Structures in miniature but, being a perfectionist, he wanted his structures to be built with the engineering and construction details as well. That is why a layout and a structure from Landro Model Railroad Structures is not only an artistic treat to the eyes with all of the details involved but it is also a study in the research of the engineering and construction involved.
     The layouts and structures are built mainly in H.O. Scale and O Scale but there have been projects done in G Scale, S Scale and N Scale. Every layout and structure has to pass the fine eye for detail of Anthony Landro. Realizing that more and more urban model railroaders would like to create in miniature a world they are familiar with, Mr. Landro is taking the hobby into a different direction. Freight Trains and Passenger service were always the standard for model train layouts but Anthony Landro is giving people a chance to model a transit system that they know best.
     Besides the New York Transit System, Mr. Landro has on the drawing board plans for the Philadelphia El System, The Boston System and The Chicago El System to name a few. So give your layout an urban look and give it some Exciting Nightlife by modeling the Transit System that takes you there. Welcome to The World of Landro Model Railroad Structures.

Landro Model Railroad Structures was created by Anthony Landro. It officially became a business in December of 2011. But it was a lifelong idea  and creation of Mr. Landro early on. Born in Canarsie, Brooklyn in 1959, Anthony Landro took Mass Transit to go to most destinations. He would take buses to travel locally and the trains to travel to New York City and Long Island. He was interested in model trains as a young boy so any type of train made an impression on him.

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